Sandwiches & Wraps

Our gourmet sandwich and wrap platters come in a range of fresh meats and vegetarian options.


Our platters are designed for all occasions.Corporate functions, morning tea, lunch, home party or for any occasion you have.



10 x assorted wraps: cut in 3 (30 pieces in total)


Sandwich Platters

40 Points: $85.00

20 Points: $45.00


Tandoori Chicken

Oven roast Indian spiced chicken breast with fresh tomato, crisp cucumber and fresh salad leaves.

Roast Beef

Tender roast beef with red onion, tomato and mouth watering chutney.


Fresh salad leaves fixed with Caesar mayonaise, crisp bacon and onion.

Chicken & Chives

A beautiful mix of steamed chicken breast with chive mayonnaise and fresh salad leaves.


Roast turkey with fresh carrot, tasty cheese and crisp salad leaves and finished with a cranberry mayonnaise.


Middle east style falafel with fresh tomato, pickled cucumber and crisp salad leaves finished with tahina.

Mediterranean Vegies

A mouth watering mix of roasted eggplant, pumpkin, crisp salad leaves, roasted capsicum and potato finished with pesto and feta cheese.

Smoked Salmon

Tasmanian smoked salmon with fresh cream cheese, capers, tomato topped with crisp salad leaves.


A mouth watering mix of tuna, corn, carrot, capsicum, red onion, celery all finish with a lime peppered mayonnaise.

Turkey Supreme

Smoked turkey with marinated mushrooms and zucchini finished with fresh tomato and tasty cheese.

Meatloaf Supreme

Baked meat loaf with crisp salad leaves and tasty cheese top with our famous chutney.


Sliced mortadella and salami, fresh tomato and roasted eggplant finished with cheddar cheese.


mouth watering filling of crisp bacon, fresh lettuce with seasoned tomato and topped with a light mayonnaise.

Egg Salad

A beautiful mix of boiled eggs, mayonnaise and fresh chives.

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