Menus for 50+ People

Corporate Event menu: CE 2

Suitable for corporate events and formal gatherings. Let our professional and experienced staff take care of your special event.

  • Gourmet Filled Pies
  •  Sesame Prawn Toast
  •  Mini Assorted Dim Sims
  •  Marinated southern style Chicken Bites
  •  Gourmet Filled Quiches (including Veg)
  •  Risotto Balls
  •  Spinach and Feta Filos
  •  Fresh Prawns
  •  Vegetarian Mini Spring Rolls
  •  Vegetarian Samosa
  •  Crumbed Calamari Rings
  •  Salt N Pepper Squid
  •  Tempura Chicken Breast Bullions
  •  Marinated Chicken Skewers
  •  A selection of Fresh Sushi

Food only:  $1250

Staff Option: 2 Staff Members including all the food  $1550

Staff Option 3 x Staff & all food:  $1700

For Affordable Catering Think Fingerfood People

For more information or advice on choosing a menu and to book in your next event, call one of the Fingerfood People team.

Call : FINGERFOOD PEOPLE  1300 000 FFP  (1300 000 337)

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