Birthday, Name Day….No Matter What Age This Is A Special Event

Party Food

Fingerfood People know and understand the importance of Special Event Catering. Birthdays .. Kids 1 year old,18th ,21st, 40th, 50th , no matter what age you are we want to make it a memorable one for YOU.

We have designed our party food Menus for every occasion, but you don’t need to stick to our rules, choose the Menu you like for your special day and we’ll make it work for you. Why not consider an Asian menu or Cakes and Desserts? They are all available to you from Fingerfood People.

Staff Option: We also offer staff to attend your special occasion. This is our most popular option where our friendly fully trained professional staff come to you. They arrive at your event in full uniform at the pre arranged time along with their catering kit which includes all the necessary utensils and equipment to enable them to cook and serve your guests. At the end of our allocated time we clean up and go. All that’s left for you to do is mingle and enjoy the party. We take care of all the details, from preparation to clean up.

Book your party food catering well ahead of time as our Staff Option is our most popular and books out quickly.

D.I.Y. Option: If you prefer, we will deliver the catering to you to manage yourself. Either way you’ll find our catering is exceptional quality at affordable prices.


Call : FINGERFOOD PEOPLE 1300 000 FFP (1300 000 337)


Menus for 30+ People

Economy menu – E1

441 pieces – 13 pieces per person

  • 96 x Veg Spring Rolls
  • 96 x Veg Samosa
  • 24 x Mini Pies
  • 60 x Chicken Bites
  • 25 x Mini Sausage Rolls
  • 60 x Dim Sims
  • 40 x Crumbed Calamari Rings
  • 40 x Sweet Potato wrapped in crispy noodle basket

Food only: $299.00

1 x Staff & all food: $439.00

2 x Staff & all food: $579.00


Deluxe menu – D1

438pieces – 15 pieces per person

  • 96 x Veg Spring Rolls
  • 24 x Gourmet Quiche
  • 24 x Tacos
  • 25 x Ricotta & Spinach Filos
  • 24 x Gourmet Pies
  • 60 x Beef Curry Puffs
  • 50 x Crumbed Scallops
  • 60 x Salt n Pepper Squid
  • 96 x Veg Samosa

Food only: $580.00

1 x staff & all food: $720.00

2 x staff & all food: $910.00


Premium menu – P1

502 pieces – 16 pieces per person

  • 96 x Veg Spring Rolls
  • 24 x Gourmet Quiche
  • 24 x Gourmet Pies
  • 25 x Ricotta and Spinach Filos
  • 60 x Italian Meatballs
  • 50 x Crumbed Scallops
  • 24 x Risotto Balls
  • 60 x Gourmet Chicken Balls
  • 60 x Fresh Sushi
  • 60 x Salt n Pepper Squid

Food only: $759.00

1 x staff & all food: $899.00

2 x staff & all food: $1039.00

For Affordable Catering Think Fingerfood People

For more information or advice on choosing a menu and to book in your next event, call one of the Fingerfood People team.

Call : FINGERFOOD PEOPLE 1300 000 FFP (1300 000 337)


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